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CDH → app for the Leiden University
The CDH Mobile application gives you access to latest information and selected content of Leiden University – Campus The Hague, and its latest location at the Schouwburgstraat. It improves the experience of faculty members, students, researchers, and other visitors who interact with the campus and its members. The app offers information about campus locations, its centres, upcoming events which you can share and add in your personal calendar, lectures via streaming, educational programmes, and contact as well as visiting information. Feel free to give feedback on our application.

Info: Find latest information on Leiden University Campus The Hague, including its centers, people and educational programmes. News: Read the latest news from the campus. Agenda: Get updates on the latest events, share them and add them to your personal calendar. From guest lectures to exhibitions and workshops. Streaming: Get live video streams and YouTube content from the lectures held at the campus Contact: Find Leiden University buildings in The Hague, plan your route and navigate through the building at the location Schouwburgstraat.
Riccardo Baggio → personal site
Graphic designer whose work ranges from publishing, small publications, corporate image, to web design.
EggDraw → online t-shirt seller
This was our first project. An e-shopping for a friend of us (owner of EggDraw) as first serious work was a good challenge in order to get some feeling on which area we should improve.

Well the website has some tricky stuff like the personalization of the t-shirts by uploading a personal picture and put it in a sample t-shirt, a contest to vote the best t-shirt from the users, a blog where the users can share opinions on whatever they want and of course the entire e-shop that manage the trading of these shirt.

Look at the result, seems nice, isn't? :) This first collaboration was the starting point of our activity and the friendship with our first "customer" made the collaboration between client and suppliers very nice and informal. Very proud to be the guys that made the website for such a nice t-shirt brand !!!
Villa Busta Hotel → hotel ****
In a magnificente Villa dating from the turn of the 17th century and restored observing the classic style of the antique Venetian country residence, you will find plenty of comfortable spaces for reading or chatting, enjoying an aperitif or glass of vintage wine immersed in the tranquillity of the Treviso countryside.
Socks From Holland → blog
As you can see this is our Blog :) Given that since February also Alberto came to Netherlands to start his Computer Science master, we created it in order to have a contact with our friends in Italy. The website is in grayscale and is very minimal and after a quick glance you will find that it is simple and functional without stuff that encumbers it. There's the possibility to reply to the post, of course, and we're currently thinking of implementing the voting system for the photos (which are quite nice even if they're made with a smartphone). The website is not intended to have a serious content, just some funny stuff. Post something there and let us know what do you think :)
Among others, one key-feature can be found in the multi disciplinary team working that characterised our company. In fact our products reflect the gathering of perspectives, different specialisations, accurate and fine grain development which make the final outcomes unique.
Secondly, due to the intercultural formation of our members, the company is experiencing in products for more than one country: this feature allows us to a more open minded way of thinking and to
understand better and more profoundly the needs of our clients.
Last but not least, we chose to develop our websites only by using HTML 5 and CSS 3 technologies which are the main drivers for the Web 2.0 and the future of the Web development. In addition, the implementation of our differentiated experience lead us create already an iOS application for the Leiden University (although we are just a newborn company!).
Whether we are headed across campus for class or into the office for work, chances are that most of the times each project starts from a good, tasty cappuccino.
Once the ideas become more defined we arrange a meeting (dinner) with our designers and from there onwards they formulate possible UI solutions and the design of the product.
Afterwards we finalize the proposal by means of several re-evaluations of what we want to do and in how much time we can do it. Then the "package" is ready to be sent to our client.
Proposal confirmed!!! let's get it started !!
Alberto Baggio

Hi everyone! I am Alberto and I am the co-founder of cappuccino at work.

I am Computer Science student strongly passionate with data-mining and everything that is related to web.

Andrea Cervellin

Hey I'm Andrea a Master Student in ICT in Business at LIACS department (Leiden).

I'm the co-Founder of Cappuccino@ Work,a web designer studio, proud developers of HTML5 and CSS3 only web sites.

I love UI/UX Design and I am a self-taught web and mobile designer who enjoys playing around with Sketch ;)
Alberto Baggio, Andrea Cervellin

+31 0628 519 939

Rijnstraat, 11j — 2311NJ Leiden
The Netherlands

Kvk: NL851833184B01

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Federica Martinello